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LC Bundle with discount is the premier Shopify app that allows you to create bundle deals and maximize your sales. Our app is designed to help e-commerce businesses increase revenue and drive more sales by creating custom bundle deals and product discounts

Bundle products with discount

This app allows you to group products and give discounts to boost sales. It also includes a manual 'also bought' recommendation system, letting you choose and display items that others bought with the currently viewed product. This can help persuade customers to buy more. Additionally, the app is super easy to use.

Product Bundling

Increase average order value and reduce inventory waste by Selling a complementary product as an add-on to a main product.

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Bundle Discounts

Sell the main product and offer a discount for the second product or give the product for free. Easy to Set Up and Easy to Use.

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The app has the tools needed that enable people without coding skills to create effective promotions within minutes.

No Coding Skills Required

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Built for small and medium sized businesses on Shopify

Getting started is fast and easy. Cancel at anytime.

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